About Us

Our mission

FairTaxesForAll.org is a not-for-profit organization which buy Litecoin helps facilitate information to the world (but more specifically the US markets) about fair taxation and financial planning for citizens. Navigating the tax code in the United States can be an incredibly daunting task, and with everything from federal to state and franchise taxes to deal with for businesses and a whole range of even more complex issues like income tax and filing brackets as individuals or married couples for personal taxes….things can become a real headache!

Our accountants and tax advisors contribute free articles here where you can find out more about your corporate and personal tax affairs. Alongside our expertise and experience in the field we also consult with freelance tax experts who help to author articles to give you more information about the fair way taxation should work, and how to utilize the tax system to get the most fair terms for your annual returns – whether you’re a corporation or an individual.

Taxation and financial planning headaches

Throughout the world one of the ways in which citizens are most often confused by their governments are taxation. To be honest, can you really blame them? The United States has the longest and most complicated tax code in the world and we know for sure that this is not the only country in the world with such a convoluted and complex tax system. Every time an individual or a corporation Olymp Trade apk files a tax return there is nothing but headaches to deal with, which in turn means that we have to enlist the help of CPAs and accounting firms to handle huge chunks of the tax system for us. Trying to navigate your way through a personal or corporate tax return without the help of a qualified accountant or accounting firm is just financial suicide.

Another major consideration for most individuals is the most tax efficient way to handle their estate planning – whether we’re focusing on inheritance, trusts, or just simple investment. There are a dazzling array of, frankly, confusing financial instruments and schemes which may appear to be tax efficient on the surface but often leave consumers entirely uninformed about the potential tax implications of further investing in this field. Charging blindly into these schemes can leave a nasty impact downline (especially when it comes to matters of inheritance) and so further education in these fields of taxation and financial planning is absolutely essential. As such, we expect these matters to be better educated not just by the government but by voluntary contributors like FairTaxesForAll.

Why should you trust us?

By this point you are probably asking the reasonable question – “Well, what’s in this for you?”

This is a reasonable question and as with anything even vaguely remotely related to finances and financial planning this is a question you should always ask. For us, the answer is simple. We’ve worked on all sides of the tax system and we can see how fundamentally broken it is. It should not take a huge industry of individuals giving conflicting information to buy Litecoin in New Zealand determine the most tax efficient way to file your returns or handle your investments.

By educating people on this, we hope to simplify and ultimately enact change in the world tax system on a global scale. It’s a bold mission, but give us some time and we’ll do our best!

How can I find out more?

Although we’re currently based in Denver, we have a wide range of advisors located throughout the United States and throughout the world, so please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions not immediately covered by the financial material available on the website!